What Got You Started?

So we have all been there, January rolls around and the once mostly dead gym that you attend all year is suddenly busier than normal.


Yesterday was January 5th and I went to a spin class at my local YMCA, there was a whopping total of 6 people in the class! No different than any other Saturday that I have attended in the past there. After spin I headed up to the weight area, and it was not any busier than normal.

While I was exercising I got to thinking, with a lot of people making New Year Resolutions to become more healthy, what percentage of people actually stick with that goal.

When I was pregnant with my son, I decided that once I cleared to start exercising that it was going to be a new way of life. I wanted to lose the “baby weight”, and stay healthy and fit to keep up with a child. I have never given up on that goal, and it has been over 4 years of consistent exercise.

I want to know what got YOU motivated to get into shape? Was it the result of a New Years resolution? A birth of a child? A diagnosis of something medical related? Needed a change? A bet?


One thought on “What Got You Started?

  1. I originally started walking on a treadmill at home when I was unemployed years ago. I lost about 20lbs. Then in 2003 I got a number for the Boston Marathon and trained on and off after that for a few years.
    After I joined a running club about 5 years ago my running and fitness really took off. While getting a Marathon number via luck got me started, I think joining a running club was the real catalyst to my transformation.
    No earth shattering event or anything.
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