Tabata Tuesday

Hey all!
So Tina and I went out for a long run together! My first real long run all winter I might add! I went from a “measly” 8km a few weeks ago to 12km on Sunday! The smaller (1km-7km) runs in between definitely played a role in jumping those 4 extra kilometers. I have decided that I am joining her for all of her Sunday long runs!

20130212-214016.jpg It was a beautiful day for a run! Very sunny out…lol

20130212-214056.jpg After our run, we stopped at this tiny little rental shop in the river valley! They rent out snowshoes and…segways…random..I know!


There is also a small selection of goodies and hot/cold beverages!


I think it is a very charming little place!

20130212-214104.jpg Today’s tabata is brought to you by the letter B for BURN.

Tabata 10 Those scissor kicks were brutal! I have never been so happy to hear the “end of workout” beeps! This little guy with the metal was my savior today!



5 thoughts on “Tabata Tuesday

  1. Yay, I love the letter B for “Burn”, especially when it comes to core/ab work! That Tabata workout sounds good for targeting abs (if scissor kicks are when I’m imagining them to be).

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