Tabata Tuesday

Good evening!
If I don’t make any sense, I apologize in advance. Tina and I went to a super early morning crossfit class before work and I am super-duper tired!!

Today’s Tabata:


For the swimming, just do a superman and then alternate kicking your feet and arms in the air to produce a “swimming” motion.

Reference for dumbbell cleans:


The other day I was craving a mint Oreo blizzard horribly! However I know those things are loaded with calories and sugar! I opted to make my own using gluten and dairy free products.


I had never used pure mint before, and I had NO idea how condensed it was. So my ice cream was almost too minty!! I need to figure out the ratios…anyone have any advice??

20130318-115608.jpg I probably wont use the green food coloring next time. As it really is only for the look of mint, and not actually beneficial to my health in any way ;) I just figured in the spirit of St. Paddies Day (I made Saturday) that I would color it green.

Have a good night!


7 thoughts on “Tabata Tuesday

  1. I never thought to incorporate weights or arm conditioning into tabatas- I love that! AND YUM! I’m GF & DF and desperately missing blizzards! I’m going to have to experiment with my own concoctions :)

  2. The weight thing is awesome. But it is important to keep good form when doing it! Slow and steady is better than trying to bang out as many reps as possible! Remember stomach tight and back strait ;)
    There is so many ways to to modify things to be gluten/dairy free, but you have to dig deep and modify. The biggest thing for me is finding the time and energy, and the realization that the flavour will never be the same. It is a matter of getting used to it and changing the what kind of things you precieve as dessert/treats!

  3. Nice blog girls! Extra points for having samurai discipline and not giving in to DQ blizzards haha homemade would likely result in huge quantities consumed so I think I will stick to the real thing

    • Hi Rich! Thanks for stopping by:) these homemade blizzards don’t really taste the same.. However they are healthier. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go out and devour a chocolate covered cherry blizzard when the mood strikes lol!

  4. lol…I’m getting pretty good at adapting recipes to GF…thank gawd I don’t have to do DF yet….made some super duper vanilla ice cream last night. How were the K-toos? I’ve seen them in the store and wondered. The Schar vanilla creme sandwich cookies are to die for…I’d eat them even if I wasn’t gluten intolerant!

    • Did you make the ice cream from scratch!? You know, I do not like Oreo cookies at all, but I’m loving the equivalent k too “Oreos”!

      Are the cream -which sandwiches frozen?!

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