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Our friends at #Runchat are holding a contest in an effort to spread the love of running. Since running is our one and only true love it only makes sense we participate.


I love to run because:

  1. It makes me feel free.
  2. It’s my “me” time.
  3. It helped me prove myself wrong after 26 years of saying I am NOT a runner.
  4. I see things that others who do not run/walk miss.
  5. I can now enjoy foods that I would otherwise feel guilty about eating.


I love to run because:

  1. Of how it makes me feel. After most runs I feel invincible! Like nothing can get in my way and that I can go on and on like the energizer bunny.
  2. Of the places it takes me. I’ve lived in Edmonton for years and I never really explored it till I started running the trails.You really see how beautiful mother nature is when you get lost in it.
  3. It makes me feel free. With the wind in my hair and the sun on my back I truly feel free.
  4. It helps me deal with my stress. When I’m having an awful day running allows me to deal with my problems.
  5. It pushes me mentally and physically and shows me what I’m truly made of.

Question: Why do you love to run?

Of Possible Interest:

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone !!

Jenny & Tina


11 thoughts on “Spread the Running Love

  1. I am not a runner. But… I can’t help myself. When I’m out on my 4k trail my heart wants to beat faster, my legs need to stretch out, and then my trail is over too soon (I always try for a personal best time) and I know I could go on. So…I’m challenging myself to do my first 10 k ever on July 1st, in Peachland. My brief foray into your blog has inspired me to stick with the goal, as soon as the ice and snow leaves my trail ….

  2. Happy Valentines Day!! I love running because of a few of the same reasons. Proving myself wrong bc I never thought I’d be a runner, I love feeling strong, I love feeling fast, it’s me time, and I love exploring where I live on foot!

  3. I love this and can ditto to almost everything listed. To add, I would say I love running because of the community and other runners I have met. Runners tend to be amazing people and I have made some new friends this way.

  4. I agree with Jenny’s #3, I always thiught running was impossible and only the strongest did it but now that I am one of the “strong” ones I feel pretty darn great. ;)
    I don’t know if you have many Edmonton readers but I’d love to hear some of your recomendations for trails around Edmonton. I know there are so many but I am always hesitant to go out and run them. Of course, I won’t be doing any outdoor running until spring actually jits but I just signed up for my first half marathon and I’ll need all the motivation I can get to get outside and run instead of using the treadmill 100% of the time. :)

    • Hi Ashley! With the trails are you talking river valley paved trails or off the beaten path trails?:) We know tons of awesome routes! But it’s hard to put into words sometimes where the start and end points are when it comes to the trails that are not paved. Feel free to email us at weshallhavepie@ymail.com. Oh!and we are always willing to take you on a few runs to check out some trails!

  5. I love all of the reasons you love to run!
    I love to run because:
    I do my best thinking andante better decisions while I’m out on a run and
    It keeps me working towards new goals every year.

  6. Hi ! I just wanted to thank you for “liking” my post over at Hungrygirleats.com. From the moment I saw the title of your blog, I was in love. I um, sort of LOVE pie. A lot. :) And on good days, I love running too! I look forward to following your journeys. –Melissa

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