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Hi Everyone! How is your hill training going? I must have done at least 6 massive hills this week and I can already tell there getting easier (except the for the hills at the last Frank McNamara Race those  were fierce).

This past weekend I made a last minute decision to sign up for Soldiers of Fitness Boot camp.  Why you ask? Well I’ve been trying to push myself harder and I can’t seem to do it on my own so I need the assistance of a Corporal yelling at me in order to do so. This boot camp is extreme, your not allowed to fraternize with your instructors ( that means no photos Sad smile ) and you must follow the orders of command or you will pay for it ( i.e. 50 pushups/burpees/laps) you also cannot be late or you will pay for it. Since I can’t take any pics here is there website video:!

I’ve signed up for the 5:30 am 3 times a week session and so far we have done the following:

Day 1

  • 10 min run
  • 20 regular push ups
  • 20 wide grip push ups
  • 20 diamond push ups
  • 40 sit ups
  • 40 lunges
  • 40 burpees
  • 40 tricep dips
  • 2 min wall squat
  • 40 calf raises

*If you finished early you had to take on the exercise reps others couldn’t ( there big on camaraderie and teamwork)*

After day one I was feeling good about my fitness level, I wasn’t dying and I knew were I needed to improve ( arms and abs)

Day 2

  • Run 5 mins
  • Run up Glenora Stairs twice
  • At the top, crab walk 20 meters then do 40 crunches
  • Run up the first flight of stairs
  • At the top, duck walk for 20 meters then do 40 tricep dips
  • Run two flights of stairs
  • At the top, bear walk 20 meters then do 40 push ups
  • Run the all the way down with a weighted vest
  • At the top, military crawl 20 meters then do a 2 min plank
  • Run 1 mile
  • Sprint the last 500 meters

These are the Glenora Stairs:




Day 3

  • Run 5 mins
  • 20 mins of Misery hills
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 mins Misery Lunges
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Min of Misery Abs
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 min Misery Team Exercise
  • 10 Burpees

This is Misery:



She is a 150 pound pole that you have to carry with four other people! Looks awful huh?It is! I still can’t move from that workout. I was tons of fun cause I got to know the other people and shout out commands and sing military songs while we carry

Question: Have you ever signed up for Boot Camp? Was it a positive experience?



One thought on “Soldiers of Fitness

  1. Loving the hills, they’re becoming less daunting the more I do. Husband and I have a very hilly rollercoaster run planned for today, can’t wait. I love bootcamp but mine is no where as extreme as yours. It does push though and I’ve learnt to go with the burn and the desire to quit. At the end I always feel amazing!

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