SmartWool Giveaway Winners and February’s Challenge

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to:

Nicky103: I don’t know anything about “winter running”…I live in Houston, TX; it was 65 degrees and raining yesterday on my very first training run!

Cubical Panic: Winter running definitely gets the blood flowing through the veins!

Elena Vo: I love the pretty winter scenery in my local park (tall pine trees covered in snow, glistening snow fields and icicles on rooftops) when running in wintertime.


Please email us at with your mailing address and will get your socks to you ASAP!

Thank you to all who participated and to SmarWool !

Please note: was used to identify the winners of this giveaway.

Now that we wrapped up the Winter Challenge! It’s time to introduce February’s Challenge.

Jan 21-31

Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thurs
Jenny 2k 3k 2k 4k 8k 2k 2k 1k 1k 3k
Tina 3k 5k 3k 5k 6k 11k 3k 3k 5k 3k


Plank Challenge

Plank Pic

It’s simple to join yourself! Just do one plank a day starting on Friday, February 1st . Start wherever you can ( 10 secs, 30 sec, 1 min) and build from there aiming to hold if for 5 mins by February 28th.

Then post you times on our Facebook page under our Plank Challenge post or tweet you times using hashtag #WSHPChallenge.

We look forward to seeing your times improve over the month. Happy Planking everyone!



16 thoughts on “SmartWool Giveaway Winners and February’s Challenge

  1. I am SO IN for this. I already planked this morning JUST BECAUSE. By the time 2/28 rolls around, people will be all, “where did they go?” “OH WAIT, THEY JUST TURNED INTO PLANKS.”

  2. I’ve been away from Pilates for way too long, and so I’m looking forward to participating in your plank challenge. Even at my best shape, I’m not sure I could have held plank for five minutes, but thanks for the encouragement to see how much progress I can make!

  3. Jumping on the plank a day bandwagon a bit late, but I wanna try to see how I do. I’m afraid I’ll probably start out at 15 seconds or something! LOL!!

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