Shoutouts and Plank Challenge Update

Wow! I left this morning for an all day conference (without Internet access I might add) and came home to some fantastic news and a brand new look for our blog.
Tina sent me a barrage of texts all loaded with great news, and I am looking forward to what the future may hold for our us.
I was so excited that I was literally vibrating/talking a million miles a minute and needed to go for a run to calm myself the heck down.

Now that I am back and feeling more relaxed I want to recognize a few people:

Our newly designed blog is thanks to my very near and dear friend Jacinda. I talk about her often! She is a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful children and an entrepreneur. She is incredibly crafty in the realm of literally EVERYTHING! She is a fitness fanatic as well, and if one day I can manage to keep up with her I would be more than thrilled! She is now operating under a new name and learning to specialize in web design and (continues to make fabulous) custom prints for your home.
Rekrah Creative
20130222-202305.jpg Katie is also a stay at home mom of 2 gorgeous girls. She is the sole owner and operator of Young Mom Freelance Writing Services. Not only is she talented in the art of writing but also catering to her clients, she goes above and beyond their expectations every time. Katie, like many of us, values her health and makes time for running and yoga! Balancing these things as we all know can be tough, but this mom makes it look easy! I wanted to thank Katie for helping promote our website on her business Facebook page and return the favor!;)
Young Mum Freelance Writing Services


The BEST part of these 2 home base businesses is that you can access them no matter where you are in the world. These 2 personable lovely ladies will take the time to get to know you and create whatever it is that you envision through email, questionnaires and phone calls. They are speedy and there is no need for old school snail mail, as everything is sent straight to your computer!

Plank challenge update;
This week Tina really turned up the awesome and I really turned up the suck.

Feb       15         16        17        18        19         20          21
Tina      2:45     3:15     2:30     3:05     3:00      2:30      3:40
Jenny   1:54     1:05     2:18     1:15     1:31       2:10     2:16

I feel like I am going backwards!!
andddd…I am also out of wine! THE HECK!



7 thoughts on “Shoutouts and Plank Challenge Update

    • Thanks Baily! I find a blog refresh from someone who is actually creative (un like myself lol) is much funner to come home too! =)

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