Planks Were Us

Plank Challenge Wrap Up!

So this plank challenge, did anyone do a 5 minute plank? I sure as heck did not make it!!! Tina was so close, she is my plank hero!

Feb           22        23        24         25          26         27           28
Tina         3:06     2:00     2:45      3:35       4:05      2:45        4:38
Jenny      1:56     2:14     2:04      2:35       2:56      3:01        3:16

Tina and I agreed that this next challenge will not be physical! I think for me it will be tough because I have yet to master the art of grocery shopping!
lunch For Tina and I, it will look like this:
Monday through Friday we will ensure that our lunch kits are stocked with healthy and wholesome foods. No more Subway (sorry Tina) and no more random walks to Tim Horton’s when I do not have a lunch.
Everyone’s situation is a little different, some people work nights, evenings and others are stay at home super-moms or dads! So I encourage everyone to try to eat one healthy meal a day throughout the week!
We will update weekly as to what we are bringing, and the struggles I am sure we will encounter!




4 thoughts on “Planks Were Us

  1. If you want to be really lazy about the healthy packed lunch challenge, I highly recommend making two giant pots of soup or stir fries or healthy casseroles. You can throw them into tupperwares, and just grab those to put into your lunch bag each week. You have to eat the same thing, but it’s a really easy way to eat healthy.

    • Oh that’s For sure part of the plan Kim!!! It’s the easiest and cheapest way to keep up with the goal=) if you have any great crock pot recipes send them our way!

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