Plank Challenge Update

Hi all!
How are your planks coming along? We are half way through the challenge and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I personally am worried about reaching 5 minutes, however, even if I don’t I am proud that I tried my best every single day! Except that one time that I drank half a bottle of wine THEN tried to plank…That wasn’t my best!


A coworker suggested that I try this type of wine, becuase I enjoy sweet wines! It literally tasted like dessert in a bottle…mmm…..wiiinnneee….

Feb         9        10       11       12       13        14       15
Tina      1:45    2:04    2:32    2:17    2:20    1:45     2:03
Jenny   1:36    2:16    2:06    2:03    1:34     2:30    2:40

Happy Family day long weekend!



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