Move Nourish Believe

Hi All!
Guess what!?
We are taking part in Lora Jane’s - Move, Nourish, Believe blogger challenge! It is a great way to keep you on track with your resolution goals, or just to shake things up with regards to you regular exercise routine!



Sorry the picture is really tiny, this was the one they posted on their Facebook page!

What’s the benefit to stick with the challenge? Well for starter’s your health (what have you got to lose there?), also one lucky participant will win a $1000 shopping spree to spend on Lora Jane apparel!

So over the next month, be sure to follow along as we take on the challenge ourselves!

Q: Have you signed up for the Move Nourish Believe Challenge?

4 thoughts on “Move Nourish Believe

  1. I’m down with doing any of these except go meatless on the 10th. I’m just not willing to give up my meat. I might give go raw on the 14th a chance for a meal. Sounds like an interesting experiment.

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