Hate to admit but…

I missed the Rundle Park 5km race today!! Totally bummed, but work got in the way.

Our union has been going through negotiations since….ohhhh  2011? for a pay raise and better benefits and today we were allowed to leave early from work and go to what was considered a information session/voting session.

I have never actually actively participated in anything that our union holds, let alone READ the crap that comes through monthly. However, since everyone was allotted time off, I figured I would go. I won’t bother going details of the boring meeting, other than we get retro-active pay for 2 years (5% salary increase! WAHOO!) however, this year….no increase.

This thing ended at 5:30, and I still had to get my best-est work buddy home! So there was just no way I was going to make it. Instead, opted for Nachos at Brewsters……

I made it to lake on time for the 5km clinic we are doing, 2 participants! This was the highlight of my day, seriously! We had so much fun walking and jogging around the lake!

Want to hear a funny story? No? Well too bad, I am telling you anyway.

Merging onto the highway from Manning to the Henday, there is some major construction going on. Me, having paid many a speeding ticket, was going the posted speed limit of 40km/h. It was mid-day, and tons of workers on the side of the road. This lady in a big truck is right on my bumper, and I can tell she is annoyed because she is throwing her hands in the air like WTF lady, speed up. So, when the speed limit changed to 70km/h I quickly accelerated and put my cruise on 70 km/h. Again, in frustration, the lady throws her arms up in the air and she steps on the gas to intimidate me. I’m just as cool as a cucumber as we finally get to the 100km/h sign I speed up to 100km/h and again set cruise control. At this time, it is still a single lane but with a massive shoulder to my left, so she speeds up drives over the solid white lane to get beside me, rolls her window down and yells “I am calling the cops”………


So then, she gets on the phone, slows down (for what I assume is to get my license plate number) and is talking to the “police?”, speeds up again and with her phone in her hand waving and pointing to her phone mouths “I called the police”. Did I mention it is illegal to drive and talk on a hand held phone here in Alberta?

I was laughing so hard, I almost veered off road! Are people really this stupid?






3 thoughts on “Hate to admit but…

  1. I have definitely learned the hard way that speeding in a construction zone is no walk in the park. I typically will still go 5 mph over the limit but that is all!

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