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The other day this young women came into the shop after her long run and was complaining about how cold she was, lo an behold she got frostbite on her stomach!!! I couldn’t believe it!  I’ve heard about frostbite but never actually seen it or known anyone who had it. We had to lend her a couple of training shirts so she cold warm up. Needless to say, it opened my eyes to how dangerous it can be if you don’t dress appropriately.

Your probably wondering how she got frostbite on her stomach. Well, she was wearing a baggy shirt which allowed  a wind pocket to form and that combined with the –25 degree weather gave her frostbite. Who would of thought, right?

If the temperature dips under –25 degrees Celsius please hit the treadmill but if your a die hard like Jenny and I please dress appropriately.If you haven’t a clue what to wear check out my post here. I’ve also listed some resourceful articles below.

For you diehards who are willing to brave the cold here are some tips to save yourself from getting frostbitten:

  • Do not wear cotton!( Cotton is rotten) It actually holds sweat in and can cause frostbit.
  • If your going to wear a balaclava use one made of neoprene as it doesn’t freeze when moisture accumulates on it.
  • Ladies, make sure your sports bra is made of technical fiber! Many sports bras out there have cotton backings.
  • Gentlemen, invest in some windproof briefs! Oh yes you can freeze down there too.
  • Mittens are actually warmer than gloves.
  • If your face is exposed you can use some Vaseline to protect it from getting wind burnt.
  • Last but not least, wear socks that cover your ankles. The best winter running socks by far our smartwool!

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Winter Challenge Update

Week 3 (Jan 14-20)

Day Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon
Jenny 5k 8k 1k 2.5k 3k 3.5k 2.5k
Tina 5k 5k 3k 3k 8k 2k 3k

Articles of interest:

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16 thoughts on “Focus on: Winter Running Safety

  1. Hi, many thanks for these useful recommendations, to which we could add not forgetting to warm up before going out there in the cold as well as to take hydration if running on some distance, in addition to wearing several layers of clothing rather than one thick garment.

  2. Love the tips. This winter, I am not running outside very much because it is COLD!!!! But I have definitely made some newbie mistakes in the past, including wearing socks that didn’t cover my ankles.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you are dedicated enough to run through SNOW- you have my respect! Love the tips on how to stay warm in colder climates, will remember the tips when I visit Canada later this year :)

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