Animation Software Easy Sketch Pro Review – Why Should You Buy It


As per statistics and surveys, whiteboard animation videos are 153% more effective in displaying brand messages as compared to screen capture or talking head videos. These days, professional Doodle videos are in great demand and you will be able to get huge conversion rates with these. But you will need to spend a lot to make these types of videos and the names behind the Easy Sketch Pro ensure that online marketers can get the most cost-effective solution in their whiteboard animation software. This Easy Sketch Pro Review takes a peek at the app and tries to inform you on whether or not you should purchase it.

Performance of the program

The whiteboard animation software is found to offer a smooth and solid performance. The steps are easy enough. You have to select some images from either the inbuilt library of the program which is updated on a regular basis and consists of readymade pictures. You can add some background music, text and voiceover to make the video more complete. In order to make it more attention grabbing, you can add some effects. You can export the video into some easy and commonly used formats.


You can use this whiteboard animation software to make a huge number of videos within a few minutes. Although this is a cost-effective solution, you will not have to suffer any compromises in terms of quality. The videos that are created have superior quality and you can find them to be as good as any made by a professional. You may use these to promote your own business or the products and services of other companies, working as an affiliate for them. The drag and drop interface helps you drag the objects easily from your system and edit them within a few seconds. The program allows the creation of virtually endless number of projects for clients.


This whiteboard animation software was initially offered for a massive price of $47, which is understandable considering the extreme benefits that it offers. However, the makers have offered an attractive discount which has slashed its price and you can buy the program at $27. But this discount period is going to expire very soon and if you are late, you will have to buy the product at its original cost. This is the only grouse that one can have for an app that is otherwise an excellent solution.


If you have been looking for a piece of low-cost whiteboard animation software for a long time, your search would be answered in this program which is excellent from virtually all angles. The performance is smooth, the cost is low and the features are amazing to say the least. This Easy Sketch Pro Review recommends this app and you can easily understand why, once you get your own copy. An app like this was long overdue and it would have been perfect if the makers could have extended the discount period to make things easier for thousands of marketers who have been waiting for this type of software.

Instabuilder Review. Recreate Pages In Seconds

When it comes to online marketing, you think of taking help of any technical expert who can assist you in making your site so that you may reach the masses who use internet. You just like others depend upon a third person who doesn’t know anything about your business nor has the same passion as you have. Then why are you dependent on this third person? The answer would be same as I also use to give a few back, before I had read about InstaBuilder review.

Everybody wants to represent them in the best way. Thus, they seek help from the experts who know how to create a web page and manage it over a period of time. Until knowing about this InstaBuilder I too had the same concept. However, once I came to know about it, the whole scenario changed. Now what is this InstaBuilder all about?

What is InstaBuilder?

If you do not know about it read any InstaBuilder review to know that it is a wordpress plug-in with which you can design and create great looking, yet simple pages for marketing in minutes. With it, making web pages for blogging or any other online marketing activity becomes easy. It includes various types of squeeze pages, regular sales pages, video sales pages and many more. Once you use it, you can find numbers of features that are attractive as well as useful too.

Features that allures

I had read in an InstaBuilder Review and then found myself that this plug-in is actually very easy to use. Even if you think that your technical skills for making a website is not good, hence you cannot create your own web page, try it. It’s so easy that it would take just 15 minutes to half an hour for you to figure out how to use it and utilize it for making a grand website. Once you install it, you can find everything is instructed and following those it would not be tough for you to complete the work.

If compared to other similar products, experts says that this is much user friendly and easy to use product. The best part is that it itself is not any theme and is just a plug-in. Hence you can use it to nay existing websites and then creating sales pages and squeeze pages on the domain won’t be a problem.

While using it, you can find that the creators have given numerous backgrounds, buttons, images, and other features in it that makes it most useful for anyone who wants to create pages. For creating buttons, you may have to spend around $5 to $10. However, here you can find numbers of options for buttons that can be used. It would have cost a hell in other systems. The best part in it is its editing part. You can view everything while editing. Hence it is actually useful and better than using codes for editing. Thus, with this plug-in, it no more an issue for making or adding pages to your websites.

YouTube Video:

Using VideoMakerFx Software Is Smart Marketing

Still settling for the age old PowerPoint presentations and slide shows to promote your product? Well, either you are ignorant about how videos can make your product look amazing or simply scared of the price. Either way, you are losing out on the very important fact of online marketing: Videos are the trendiest and the easiest medium to expand your business and increase your sales.

Creating video for advertising:

We kid you not when we say that videos are the most popular marketing tool available in internet. Evidences show that videos draw customers three times more than other old ways of online marketing. The ever increasing reputation of YouTube vouches for this. All the high and medium profile companies have videos displaying their services and products.

But of course creating a video is quite a cumbersome task. Most of the programs which claim to make their users conversant with creating videos come with complex instructions. Needless to say, the job becomes time consuming. There are video creation software packages available online too. But most of these cost a lot of money. The fear of expense makes many people back off from producing videos.

VideoMakerFx helps in creating videos

VideoMakerFX is intended for those who do not have any experience in creating videos so that they can upload their video and pictures without any trouble. The video would look as if created by a pro and that too for the least amount of cost. You would not need to go through thick manuals or instructions anymore. Very few video creation software is so user-friendly. Marketing your goods as a content and video maker was never this easy! Moreover, you can use this video creation software in any operating system. It may take a bit more time when working on a slow computer but not as long as those other professional animation software does.

Advantages of using VideoMakerFx:


  • 240+ remarkable Animated Slide Scenes

There are over 240 slide scenes based on various themes so that you can create videos of any nature.

  • Freedom to make profit:

VideoMakerFx lets you be the owner of your own video. There won’t be any watermarks on them. Whether you upload them or use them for sales is totally your decision.

  • 1 Year of Support & Updates

For a year, you will be getting updates and support, free of cost!

  • 20 Royalty Free Music Tracks

These music tracks will make your video all the more awesome. You get the option of inserting your own audio track inside the video as well.

  • Loads of backgrounds and graphics:

The features just keep getting more amazing. You can add beautiful backgrounds and images to your heart’s content. However, the choice is up to you. You can customize the texts at your free will.

  • Video Sales Letter:

Professional marketers design these sales letters for you.

With VideoMakerFX, you can produce amazing videos and make your product stay ahead from all other competitors. If this VideoMakerFX review did not answer all your queries, you can visit the software’s official website.

See the video here:

Rapid Content Wizard Review – Is Content Creation Better with this Program?

Youtube Video abot Rapid Content Wizard can be found here:

When you think of content creation, especially at a bulk rate, your heart is sure to sink without a team of writers at your service. Created by Alan Brown and Sean Donahoe, the Rapid Content Wizard promises to make life easier for you and make content generation much better for you. This Rapid Content Wizard Review helps you to get a glimpse into the features and performance of this software and find out whether or not it can be the perfect solution for your varied requirements.

How Does It Work?

This content creation program works on a simple methodology that is called “Content Fusion” which is offered by many high-end and pricier content spinner applications in the market. The app uses this method to search for snippets from related content and blend them easily to create new articles. You have to edit the articles a bit to make the snippets get arranged in a logical order and allow them to be readable – just like articles written by professionals. The drag and drop interface is very user-friendly and comes fitted with two article spinners – The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter which can help you spin the articles and make them fully original and free of plagiarism. You can also have YouTube videos, Amazon products and Flickr photos automatically added to the posts by the software.

The application also comes fitted with a CopyScape account that helps you ensure full originality of the articles. You can publish the articles easily to Facebook and WordPress and even schedule the posts to be published at later dates.

The Downers

The app does not have a good and efficient support team at the moment and you would have to wait for days to get your technical and other related queries about the Rapid Content Wizard answered. The content creation process is not 100% full proof as you will need to do something on your own and make the snippets logically ordered and the entire article fully readable. This is not much different from conventional spinners and article rewriters where you have to do your bit to make the article look like professional quality stuff.

Should You Go For It?

Although some manual work is to be done, the app makes the content creation process much easier for you and helps you with most of the work. Searching for relevant information and getting them into one place can be very time consuming and when you consider the tasks after content generation, such as posting the completed articles into the right places and posting them on later dates, you will realize how much time saving the program can be for you. As this Rapid Content Wizard Review goes, the application can be the right choice for you and you will not regret it when you buy it for your own requirements. At $47, it might seem a bit steep in price but its solid features and capabilities make it a real value for money item for you.